5.3.15 : A Small List

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset
Making: Doodles in my journal

Baking: A strawberry tart… well I /want/ to be baking a strawberry tart
Drinking: Florida Orange Juice 
Reading: Psalm 39:4-6 
Wanting: A nice, long nap
Wasting: Time
Sowing: Little bits of goodness
Wishing: For an eno hammock because my friend said they are awesome
Enjoying: The warm sunshine and gentle breeze
Waiting: For love to come
Liking: The flowers I keep seeing at the grocery store
Hoping: This next month will be full of greatness
Loving: All the sweet smiles that surround me  
Marveling: How men and woman fall in love
Needing: Forgiveness 
Smelling: A spearmint, and vanilla, and cinnamon concoction  
Wearing: Floral print pants, light gray tank top, off-white cardigan, and hair down naturally
Following: Jesus Christ
Noticing: That I’ve been listing to a lot of folk music lately, and I like it.
Knowing: All will be ok in the end
Thinking: About complicated things and trying to make sense of them
Bookmarking: The Brightness Project {I love her blog so much!}

Looking: Out a window
Giggling: Because I have great friend who make me laugh
Feeling: Tired, yet full of life

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