Crazy Little Adventure

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

There are so many beautiful little moments in life.  Even when everything is messy, crazy and hectic.
I’m finding out that life will never be perfect and it will never go smoothly like you hope. There will aways be something that you wish you could change.  It will never be picture perfect like you see in magazines or on the internet.
I’m learning though, that being able to still find the joy in life.   Being able to give thanks in the midst of the storm, will fulfill your heart more than any other perfect kind of life would.
 Too long I have wasted my days wishing my life could be different. Pouring over images I see of other peoples lives.  Lives that look perfect and pleasing.  I’m finding out though, that this is just a deception and a waist of time.
What’s life with out a little messiness?  What’s life with out a rain shower?  Finding the joy, the love, and the beautiful small things in a crazy messy life is such a wonderful little adventure.

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